Looking to enhance your night driving experience?

Want to see obstructions sooner? Look no further!

Have you been experiencing night blindness? Worried about not seeing obstructions or animals with enough time to stop? You are not alone! Poor quality head light bulbs limit the distance that the driver can see down the road and offer less clarity of vision. Night Blindness is a real thing and is inevitable. As we age, our eyes require additional light to see the same things. On average, a person that is 50 years old, needs twice as much light to have the same visibility as they had at age 25.

At Finish Line Automotive Addictions, we have team with industry leading Lucas Lighting to bring you the brightest and highest quality LED bulb options on the market. Backet with a full 3 year warranty when professionally installed, your products will be backed fully while you protect yourself and your family when driving at night safely.